Zip code 53047, WI Housing Data

Figure 1: 53047, WI Area Total Housing Units
Figure 2: 53047, WI Housing Density (Houses per Sq. Mile)
Figure 3: Rental Homes in 53047, WI
Figure 4: Owned Homes in 53047, WI
Figure 5: 53047, WI Median Home Values
Figure 6: 53047, WI Median Monthly Rent Amounts
Figure 7: 53047, WI Home Value Distribution
Figure 8: 53047, WI Median Monthly Owner Cost
Figure 9: Monthly Owner Cost as % of Household income
Figure 10: Median Home Cost As % of Median Earnings
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Figure 12: 53047, WI Median Monthly Owner Cost with Mortgage
Figure 13: 53047, WI Median Monthly Owner Cost without Mortgage
Figure 14: Distribution of Monthly Owner Costs in 53047, WI
Figure 15: Owner Cost as % of Household Income (With Mortgage)
Figure 16: Owner Cost as % of Household Income (Without Mortgage)
Figure 17: 53047, WI Rent as a percent of Household Income
Figure 18: Monthly Housing Cost for Owners or Renters in 53047, WI
Figure 19: 53047, WI Median Annual Real Estate Taxes Paid
Figure 20: 53047, WI Utilities Included or Excluded in Rent
Figure 21: 53047, WI Monthly Rental Rates
Figure 22: 53047, WI Rental Rates by Size of Rental in Bedrooms
Figure 23: 53047, WI Detailed Mortgage Status
Figure 24: 53047, WI Houses With vs. Without a Mortgage
Figure 25: Average Household Size in 53047, WI
Figure 26: Average Family Size in 53047, WI
Figure 27: Average Number of Rooms in a House
Figure 28: 53047, WI Median Year House Built
Figure 29: 53047, WI Year that House Built Distribution
Figure 30: Number of Owners vs. Renters in 53047, WI and Area
Figure 31: 53047, WI Area Housing Types
Figure 32: 53047, WI Median Home Value By Year Structure Built
Figure 33: Occupied and Vacant Housing units in 53047, WI
Figure 34: Homeowner Household Size
Figure 35: 53047, WI Renter Household Size
Figure 36: Year Moved In For Home Owners
Figure 37: Year Moved In For Renters
Figure 38: Median Year Moved In for Owners
Figure 39: Median Year Moved In for Renters
Figure 40: 53047, WI Fuel Used to Heat Home
Figure 41: Total in Group Quarters
Figure 42: 53047, WI Population in Group Quarters
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