Top 25 Counties In Louisiana Ranked by Healthcare

Health Insurance Charts Health Insurance data
Percent of People with Health InsuranceHealth Insurance Coverage
Change in People with Health Coverage (2019 to 2020)Change In Health Insurance Coverage
Type of Health InsurancePrivate Health Insurance
Public Health Insurance
No Health Insurance
Amount of Health Insurance CoveragePeople With One Health Care Insurance Policy
People With Two Or More Types Of Health Insurance
People With No Health Care Insurance Coverage
Detailed Types of Health Insurance CoverageEmployer-Based Health Insurance
Direct-Purchase Health Insurance
Medicaid Or Public Coverage
No Coverage
Men with Health Insurance CoverageMen With Health Care Insurance Coverage
Women with Health Insurance CoverageWomen With Health Care Insurance Coverage
Percent of People with No Insurance by Income GroupUnder $25K
$25K To $50K
$50K To $75K
$75K To $100K
Over $100K
Change in Percent of People with No Insurance from 2019 to 2020Under $25K-Change
$25K To $50K-Change
$50K To $75K-Change
$75K To $100K-Change
Over $100K-Change
People without Health Insurance Coverage by RaceWhites Without Coverage
Black Or African Americans Without Coverage
Hispanics Without Coverage
Asians Without Coverage
Native Americans Without Coverage
Children without Health InsuranceChildren Without Health Insurance
*A place that may resemble a city or town but lacks its own government. Areas are generally recognizable by local community but the boundaries have no legal status. (See Wikipedia: Census Designated Place or "CDP")