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Population Charts Population data
Population Change 2010 to 20192010 Population
2019 Population
2010 to 2019 Population Percent ChangePopulation Percent Change
Population DensityPopulation Density
Median AgeOverall Median Age Of All People
Median Age by GenderMedian Age Of Men
Median Age Of Women
Area Age by GenerationPeople Less Than 20 Years Of Age
People Between 20 And 29 Years Old
People Between 30 And 39 Years Old
People Between 40 And 49 Years Old
People Between 50 And 59 Yeasr Old
People Between 60 And 69 Years Old
People 70 Years Of Age Or Older
Area Ethnicity MakeupPeople Who Are White
People Who Are Black Or African American
People Who Are Asian
People Who Are Native
People Who Are Of Some Other Race
Hispanic PopulationPeople Who Are Hispanic Or Latino
Male vs. Female PopulationTotal Male Population
Total Female Population
Marital Status and Families Charts Marital Status and Families data
Marriage StatusTotal Percent Of People Married
Percent Of People Never Married
Total Percent Of People Divorced
Total Percent Of People Widowed
Average Family Size in HouseholdAverage Family Size
*A place that may resemble a city or town but lacks its own government. Areas are generally recognizable by local community but the boundaries have no legal status. (See Wikipedia: Census Designated Place or "CDP")