United States Demographics Data

Figure 1: 2015 Population - US and Other Countries
Figure 2: 2015 Population Growth - US and Other Countries
Figure 3: Population Density for US and Other Countries
Figure 4: Land Area for US and Other Countries
Figure 5: 2015 Population Urbanization Country Comparison
Figure 6: Male & Female Population for United States and Other Countries
Figure 7: Age Breakdown for US and World
Figure 8: Birth Rate - Newborns per 1,000 Population
Figure 9: Infant Mortality - Newborn Deaths per 1,000 Births
Figure 10: Under Age 5 Mortality per Thousand Births
Figure 11: Age of Life Expectancy in US and World
Figure 12: Religion in US and World Comparison
Figure 13: United States Population Change 2010 to 2014
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Figure 15: US Population Data by State
Figure 16: United States, US 2010 to 2014 Population Percent Change
Figure 17: People per Square Mile for US States
Figure 18: Median Age in United States, US
Figure 19: Median Age by Gender in United States
Figure 20: United States and Area Age by Generation
Figure 21: United States and Area Racial Makeup
Figure 22: United States, US Hispanic Population
Figure 23: Male vs. Female Population
Figure 24: United States, US Marriage Status
Figure 25: United States, US Average Family Size
Figure 26: Families as % of All Households
Figure 27: Husband and Wife Families as Percent of All Families
Figure 28: United States, US Head of Household
Figure 29: United States, US Birth Rate (Last 12 months)
Figure 30: United States, US All Births Age of Mother
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Figure 32: United States, US Unwed Mothers as % of All Births
Figure 33: United States, US Unwed and On Public Assitance
Figure 34: United States Unwed Mother Births By Age Group
Figure 35: United States Unwed Mother Birth Rate By Race
Figure 36: United States, US Unwed Mother Births By Poverty Level
Figure 37: United States, US Unwed Births and Education Level
Figure 38: United States Single People in Area
Figure 39: United States, US Single Men in Area
Figure 40: United States, US Single Women in Area
Figure 41: Single Men by Age Group
Figure 42: Single Women by Age Group
Figure 43: United States, US Citizenship Status
Figure 44: Citizen Place of Birth for United States, US
Figure 45: United States, US Non Citizen Age Breakout
Figure 46: Non Citizen Median Age
Figure 47: % Non Citizen Year of Entry into USA
Figure 48: Year of Naturalization
Figure 49: United States Foreign Born People are From What Region
Figure 50: United States Foreign-Born World Region of Birth
Figure 51: United States Foreign-Born Sub-Region of Birth
Figure 52: Foreign-Born Country of People Living in United States, US
Figure 53: Foreign-Born Country by State
Figure 54: Languages Spoken in United States and English Fluency
Cities marked with an asterisk ("*") should resemble a city or town but do not have their own government (i.e. Mayor, City Council, etc.) These places should be recognizable by the local community but their boundaries have no legal status. Technically these include both Census Designated Places (CDP) and Census County Divisions (CCD) which are defined by the Census Bureau along with local authorities. (For more information, see: Census Designated Place or "CDP") and Census County Division "CCD".)

For comparison purposes, the US and state value are provided as well as in some areas a "Combined Statistical Area" or CSA. These are large groupings of adjacent metropolitan areas identified by the Census Bureau based on social and economic ties. (See: Combined Statistical Area)
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